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How To Avoid Losing Web Revenue During The Holiday Season

September 25, 2014

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The holiday season means big sales for retailers. Online retailers see huge boosts in transactions from November through December. In fact, Cyber Monday 2012 brought in over $1.4 billion in sales alone. If your website goes down or has slow load times, deal-hungry shoppers are unlikely to stick around causing thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Preparation is key for keeping your site up and active during the busy holiday months. It may feel strange prepping for the winter holidays in the middle of July, but you’ll be glad once your web traffic increases exponentially.

In “How To Avoid Losing Web Revenue During the Holiday Season,” you’ll learn:

  • How downtime affects the biggest companies online
  • What online shopping holidays you might be missing out on
  • How to prepare your email program for holiday sales
  • What you should do to prevent downtime
  • Plus much more!
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