Monitoring Online Assets with Internet Routing Alerts

In today’s global business, the Internet is used in almost all aspects of operations. Platforms that were once operating on internal networks such as Point-of-Sale (POS) systems, Client Relation Management (CRM) systems, and Human Resource Management (HRM) systems have joined traditional internet based business systems like Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and your website.

With all these critical business technologies relying on IP addresses routed by BGP to connect to users, it is crucial that you are well informed of outages or instabilities on those resources - whether they are on your own infrastructure, a cloud provider, or an unrelated vender.

Know about critical failures

I recently visited a customer operating an ecommerce website. They expressed that at one point their transit provider had an error in the BGP announcement on one of their connections, but it took days to find out. In the meantime, they were already feeling real revenue impacting performance degradation.

Had BGP monitoring been active on the IP space for both their direct and indirect business functions, the problem would have been identified within minutes, and the right resources could have been leveraged to identify a solution.

Verify your changes

It sounds silly, but every year there are hundreds of errors in the BGP routing tables from typos for ASNs and prefixes. If you are a network operator, it is in your interest to identify that the changes you make in your routing are the correct ones, and propagate around the globe effectively. On the other hand if you make your changes through your ISP, the job of ensuring the correct edits were made are that much more difficult.

With the rapid pace of today’s world, you simply can’t afford to wait for a customer to identify a problem to know there was an error. Getting rapid verification of changes ensure your network posture is correct, and changes happen when you thought they would.

Simple Solution to a Complex Problem

Setting up a process like this yourself would be complicated. To know global propagation across multiple providers, you need collection points around the world with robust peering relationships.

Rather than start from scratch, it is a lot easier to take advantage of the most comprehensive sensor grid of BGP within Dyn Internet Alerts. With an easy to use API and the ability to send email alerts and digests, your business can have your full network posture under surveillance in minutes.

Take control of your network presence

With how easy, functional, and available BGP alerting is today, it is surprising that the vast majority of large organizations do not monitor all their connections to the internet. If this sounds familiar, maybe it is time to learn more about how Dyn can help.


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