Monitoring Your Internet Infrastructure With Dyn’s Internet Intelligence

October 29, 2015 Michelle Keniston

You may be well aware that your online presence relies on the health of your Internet infrastructure. However, what happens if you can’t see how it’s performing? How can you implement improvements?

I recently spoke to a customer who told us how critical it was for them to establish which of its data centers in Europe provides the best response times to specific markets. Another user we spoke to is looking at moving their infrastructure to the Cloud. Both customers want the same level of insight into the entire Internet as they have in their own network.

A common theme we regularly hear is the need to have a complete view of ongoing interactions with the Internet in order to deliver the level of performance their customers expect. Performance, availability, and reachability are often cited as factors that need to be monitored and controlled.

Dyn’s Internet Intelligence platform collects performance data from cloud providers, CDNs, and Network Service Providers to add comprehensive insight into Internet availability, market reachability, and online performance.

Additionally, you can:

  • Receive real-time alerts when cloud, CDNs, or data centers are no longer available or degraded

  • Get insight into how your cloud infrastructure is performing within target markets

  • Plan for market scale anywhere in the world and vendor selection based on performance

  • Pinpoint when and where incidents are happening BEFORE your customers are impacted

Data from Dyn’s Internet Intelligence is important and unique because it gives you an agnostic comparison of cloud and CDN providers.

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Michelle Keniston

Michelle is a Sales Engineer at Dyn. She helps customers onboard smoothly to the Dyn platform for all of our Internet Performance services. You can follow Michelle on Twitter.

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