Save Time and Money... Automate!

September 29, 2015 Brian Mgrdichian

Let’s be honest, in the grand scheme of things, pretty much everything could be done faster and more efficiently. When’s the last time you spent more than 20 minutes on a repetitive task, while repeating “there has to be an easier way” in your head? There IS an easier way! All you have to do is plan it, write it, and run it (testing is always a good idea, too).

With an API (Application Programming Interface), you have the ability to tie functions of a service to human interaction or other triggers. Let’s say you’re creating an app that finds all of your local pizza shops (Pizza-er?). Your app could make API calls to Google, which would search for these shops and then display a map with directions (bonus points: make an API call to the smartphone’s operating system to save the pizza place as a contact).

Dyn’s RESTful DNS API (also available through SOAP) allows you to automate almost every action available to you in the user interface. This can be invaluable if you find yourself consistently spending large chunks of time in the Dyn Managed DNS portal.

Integrate Dyn’s API Into Your Workflow

What kinds of changes do you make to your DNS records that could be better handled in a triggered fashion? For example, let’s say your support team manually creates a hostname in Dyn’s portal every time someone buys service from you. Wouldn’t it be easier to instead have your servers tell Dyn to create this hostname automatically? This might be personal opinion, but I believe that change would drive customer satisfaction and revenue up, while lowering resource costs.

Make Bulk Changes

Let’s say you’ve got 100 DNS zones, which all have 10 A records that all point to a single IP address. Then, your infrastructure expands, you get more servers, a new block of IPs, and have to update 75 of those zones. It could take hours (or days, depending on your workload) to alter and update 750 of these records by hand. Instead, you or a colleague could write a script that fixes these records for you. Not only do you save time now, but you have an invaluable tool for future expansion projects.

Schedule Your Changes

With planning comes growth, and with growth comes success. While some things are best handled by a person at a keyboard, some less important matters can be passively processed and monitored. For example, you could plan to pull a report about your usage statistics once every month and store it for future use. Alternatively, you could pull these reports and choose if traffic should be diverted to a different server. The possibilities are nearly endless!


Now it’s your turn to take a look at your current processes and see what can be optimized. How could automating your DNS management save resources and money? How could your customers benefit from these changes? And finally, what other projects could you focus on while taking advantage of the time saved by using Dyn’s RESTful Managed DNS API?

To learn more, watch the full "Time With A Technologist" webinar on Dyn's Managed DNS API.