Taking Control of your Online Infrastructure with Internet Intelligence

September 3, 2015 Brian Mgrdichian

Rewind time back to 1989 and you’d find two engineers sitting down and enjoying a meal together while discussing the largest problem of the Internet: making it work globally. The plans unfolded on the back of some napkins, cueing the inception of Border Gateway Protocol.

BGP, as it’s most commonly referred to, is a trust-based system that lets the Internet’s contributors take responsibility of their assets and dynamically announce their presence. Some inherent problems existed with this technology, such as security risks and the uncertainty of Internet topology.

Today, Dyn’s Internet Intelligence tools are helping some of the largest entities on the Internet ingest and understand massive amounts of BGP data. This data can be invaluable in planning out a move into new markets, checking the performance of existing infrastructure, and pinpointing issues at the transit level.

Make Informed Decisions

When deciding where to put a new data center, there’s often a layer of uncertainty. Sometimes, the location that makes the most sense geographically can be less than optimal for latency. This can equate to a poor experience for the customer and, ultimately, a loss of revenue for your business. The 180+ vantage points that we’ve placed within top cloud- and hardware-based hosting providers can help visualize how prospective customer experience could be.

Evaluate Your Current Setup

How is your current infrastructure working for you? A good amount of companies have tools monitoring the systems inside their firewall, such as local area networks and hardware systems. While this data can be a lifesaver, it can’t give full scope to the issues presented outside of the firewall.

To remedy this, Dyn offers the option of creating a “Custom Vantage Point” inside your data center. Now you can really see how users are connecting to your data center and receiving information. Maybe there’s a quicker path that they could have taken, which would have led to a transaction.

Locate Your Issue So You Can Fix It

Let's say Dyn’s Internet Intelligence offering is your Internet toolbox. Detailed historical 24-hour latency insights are your tape measure. Traceroute path information between cities is your stud finder. The ability to locate upstream routers that are having performance/stability issues? That’s your hammer and last, but not least, you have your nails—Email- or API-based alerts for hijacks, outages, instabilities, and new upstream announcements.

Now you have all the tools necessary to make sure your customers are experiencing your web presence the way you intended.

Ensure Your SLA Is Being Met

Now that you’ve got the means, you can troubleshoot the specific carrier paths to hosting environments. Not only is this useful in detecting issues, but obtaining objective data on full outages. This can be critical when trying to enumerate the timeframe and residual performance degradation after an outage has been corrected.