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Internet Visibility: You Don’t Know What You’re Missing

November 7, 2014

Web presence is now a required option for customers accessing a business’s products and services.  But more than just an option, web pages have become the face of most companies to the public.  The customer web experience represents how you think about your customers…it represents your brand and your value. To better serve customers, companies have begun to make more comprehensive web experiences. 

Complex web pages may bring in video, account information, partner info etc. from dozens of sources to paint a specific picture for each customer. Relevant content, easy-of-use, speed, consistency, reliability, and security are guiding development and management of web presence.

In this webinar Gigaom Research and Dyn explore the benefits of Internet visibility.

What Will Be Discussed:

      • What are the consequences of poor performance or downtime of your application or your web presence?

      • What is aInternet Performance and Your Bisffecting your customer’s web experience? Where will future performance problems come from?

      • How are tools that help you monitor and analyze Internet availability and performance complimentary to your investments in APM/NPM tools?

      • How can you take control of the Internet effect on your company’s web presence through Internet monitoring, analysis and planning?

      • What are the benefits and ROI of gaining more visibility into Internet availability and performance?

      • How do I get started in managing the Internet?

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      Maximize Website Availability & Performance Through Cloud Load Balancing

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