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When Is It Time For Your Startup To Grow Up?

April 29, 2015

Explosive growth brings incredible challenges, including learning how to maintain a startup mindset without stifling growth or impacting your relationship with customers.

Internet retailer Zappos started in 1999, growing from a $2 million dollar business to over $1 billion dollars in sales within a decade. Over that same period Zappos.com web infrastructure grew from 5 servers in one location to 40 server cabinets in multiple locations.

Imagine what would happen to your website if traffic doubled or tripled in a short period. You need to be confident that your existing infrastructure can handle rapid growth and that traffic will not interfere with normal business operations. Managed DNS, traffic management and Internet intelligence solutions can help you scale your infrastructure in parallel with your revenue growth.

Join Kris Ongbongan, Director of Technical Operations for Zappos.com, and Kyle York, Chief Revenue Office at Dyn, as they examine the challenges of scaling your attitude and technology to match your organization’s growth.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Zappos and Dyn’s technical foundations – how they started and how they grew
  • Reacting to and then planning for growth
  • Adapting your technology plans for your changing needs
  • Growing up before your mistakes cost more
  • “Disaster Avoidance” vs. “Disaster Recovery”
  • Keeping the startup attitude through a Customer-centric focus
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