Customer Stories

Listen to Dyn's own customers to learn how they personally use Dyn's services to improve their Internet Performance.

  • Dyn Customer Stories: Acquia3:03

    Dyn Customer Stories: Acquia

    Acquia CTO & Drupal Co-Founder Dries Buytaert is proud of helping his customers create and maintain killer web experiences. Watch why they choose Dyn to ensure their Internet Performance.

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  • Distil featuring Rami Essaid1:29

    Distil featuring Rami Essaid

    Learn about how Dyn's services improved Distil's business and what Dyn has done for them.

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  • HomeAway featuring Lenny Tropiano1:15

    HomeAway featuring Lenny Tropiano

    Learn how Lenny Tropiano, Senior Manager of Infrastructure Operations at HomeAway, uses Dyn to improve their Internet Performance and stay a step ahead of customers.

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  • Ongage featuring Danny Tal3:17

    Ongage featuring Danny Tal

    Danny Tal, VP of Sales and Business Development at Ongage, explains the partnership between Dyn and Ongage and what that means for your deliverability.

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