Oracle Customers Share Their Holiday Shopping Nightmares

November 21, 2017 Adam Coughlin

We often talk on this blog about the benefits of online shopping and what companies can do to ensure their customers have a good experience when they visit their website. But what we haven’t discussed before is the reason why people should shop online in the first place.

The reason: avoid the craziness of the stores! And, according to some of our customers, the stores can get pretty crazy.

We asked our customers to share some of their Black Friday/holiday shopping experiences and, for the most part, it confirmed our suspicions: it is much safer to stay home, with your slippers on,  hot coco in hand, and buy your presents online.

One customer got a first-hand look at the how the holiday spirit can fill a fellow shopper when the last toy is taken off the shelf. Here’s a hint: Somewhere Santa is cringing.

“It was on Black Friday that I was told, ‘you’re an a**hole,’ for buying a toy for my nephew,” wrote Michael Vucci, Manager of Network Services for Salve Regina University. “The person had a carriage full of toys and all I had was the one toy. The toy was the last one on the shelf and I grabbed it a minute before the other person. I guess people are just miserable around the holidays.”

For another customer, one trip out shopping on Black Friday was enough for a lifetime. Can’t say we blame him. Once is typically enough.

“I only did Black Friday shopping once and will never again,” shared Brian Munn, Network Services Manager for Quanta Services, Inc. “Too many people and too crazy.”

To be fair, not everyone is negative about the hustle and bustle of the stores. In fact, when asked about a bad experience, one customer admitted that he hadn’t experienced anything bad.

“Didn’t really have such a thing,” wrote Piotr Wrzesniowski, System Center Engineer at Glencore International AG.

As a team obsessed with internet infrastructure and internet performance it shouldn’t be surprising that we’re a little biased toward online shopping. Whether you do your shopping online or at the stores, never forget it is the thought that counts!

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