Spotlight on Customer Experience: EMEA Technical Support

In order to ensure that our customers can receive support around the clock, we have in-house technical support teams around the world. Last week, we spoke with Linley Cram about tech support in APAC. This week, we pay a visit to the EMEA team in our Brighton, UK office to speak with Rebeca Martin.

How long have you worked at Dyn and what position do you hold?

I have worked at Dyn for nearly two years. I started as a Technical Support Representative and now I am the only Senior rep in the EMEA Technical Support team.

What’s the Dyn UK office like?

We have recently moved to bigger premises here in Brighton. Working for Dyn doesn’t feel like you’re working in a traditional office environment. It’s a cool office and a relaxed atmosphere.

What’s the team like?

Most of my team are based in the United States in our Manchester, NH headquarters, but we also have team members in the UK & Australia. It can be challenging because we’re working within different time zones, but we are a good team - all working together in one clear direction.

What was your favourite experience working with a customer? 

One of the things I like about my job is working with customers; you get to experience and deal with lot of interesting cases. I remember one case in particular where we had a customer based in Brazil using Dyn’s Remote Access service. The customer was having difficulty with an update. We were able to walk through it together step by step and I helped him get his service up and running. As a result, the customer was able to reinstate the webcam he used to monitor his elderly mother who was unwell at the time.  He was so grateful that I helped him over the weekend. It’s those types of cases that are your favourite because we have a real purpose and that’s to help customers.

How is it working in the UK for an American company?

Based on my experiences within my home country, Spain, it is different because you usually work longer hours. Time zones can have an impact but working for a global company gives me a different perspective and makes my role very interesting.

Have you noticed any differences in how we work? / Do you find that users in UK have the same or different problems than those in other regions?

I am dealing with different nationalities throughout Europe, Middle-East and African countries. Everyone, more or less, has the same questions, but the way they raise cases is different.

Do you think language barrier can be an issue because there are so many within EMEA?

Yes that’s a good point, sometimes it can be difficult in countries where the English language isn’t used daily. You can have cases that are lost in translation; for me, this isn’t a problem but rather an opportunity to improve and gives me a wider perspective on our products being used globally.

What do you do when you’re not at Dyn?

I am an artist, but that feels like a big thing to say. It’s a passion rather than a hobby. In the last two years I have been specialising in working with paper, in particular, paper flowers and I also make jewellery and furniture.  

paper flowers

Last May I did a big exhibition and created and huge installation made from paper flowers. It was the biggest piece of art I had created so far. Last month I was approached by Dyn to purchase my piece for our new office here in Brighton. It was a dream come true because I now get to view my piece everyday as I come to work.

What do you think makes Dyn’s customer experience the best in the industry?

My team have one goal and that is to help customers.  Ultimately our job is to help human beings on the other end of the phone. We really give everything for every single case, regardless of the size of the company of the problem itself. We treat every case individually and I get pleasure in seeing our results.


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Francesca St John-Caleb is Dyn’s Marketing Coordinator within our Europe, Middle-East & Africa region. Francesca coordinates all EMEA marketing content, social & operations. Follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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