The 13 Scariest Things On The Internet

October 31, 2014 Dyn Blog

Some scary things happen on the Internet. From scammers to spammers and hackers to attackers, this Halloween, we urge you to be careful out there on the Interweb! 


Check out our list of what we think are 13 of the scariest things to happen on the Internet:

Halloween Horrors

  1. Internet Hiccups/Low Speed

Routing table problems have resulted in low internet speeds, causing frustrating experiences for internet users.


  1. DNS Threats/Attacks

DNS Threats/Attacks are a threat to global network infrastructure, and enterprise level businesses average about 2 million DNS queries a day.


  1. DDoS Attacks

When DDoS attacks occur, resources are unavailable for the intended users. This can negatively affect productivity, customer service, and profitability.


  1. DNS Going Offline

When DNS goes offline, DNS servers or forced to take an alternative (most likely longer) route. Offline DNS servers may also result in web site loading to time out, and inability to translate domain names into domain names.


  1. DNS Settings Hijack Attacks

Hijack attacks being with spam emails and result in redirects to phishing pages.


  1. Spam

Unwanted emails can be annoying and may fill the recipient’s inbox with junk.


  1. Downtime

Downtime has resulted in loss of revenue, an extreme weakness for all websites, especially e-commerce companies.


  1. Latency

Latency has an effect on network performance; high latency can potentially result in delays and frustration.


  1. CDN Problems

Issues with CDN can cause slow or failing loads of content and images.


  1. Spoofing

Spoofing involves someone pretending to be someone else, and can even lead to companies making trades that it was scammed into.


  1. Phishing

Maliciously taking personal information and/or redirecting users to a dummy page makes users feel insecure.


  1. IPv4 addresses running out

With IP addresses running out, connections are harder to complete.


  1. Internet censorship

Internet sites and government censorship restricts access to some websites, resulting in missed information and loss of revenue.


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