Three Upcoming Webinars To Focus On Internet Performance, Resiliency & DevOps For DNS

November 14, 2016 Dyn News

Dyn is excited to announce several upcoming November Webinars that will focus heavily on helping to improve internet performance and plan for resiliency in an increasingly unpredictable internet.

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November 15, 3:00pm ET
The Future of Internet Resiliency with John Gallant, Chief Content Officer, IDG, and Andrew Wharton, VP of Engineering, Dyn

If you think of DNS as that free service you get with your domain registration or on-premise load balancers…think again.

As recent events have illustrated, DNS is not for the faint at heart. More frequent and massive traffic attacks across the public internet can put your business at risk. As enterprises migrate infrastructure and services to the cloud and increase reliance on public internet for internal and external connectivity, DNS’s role has expanded. Analyst research firms such as Gartner state, “If your DNS fails, so does your digital business.”

Get insights into the following:

  • Why all DNS solutions are created equal
  • Learn how DNS can be a single point of failure
  • What are multi-DNS deployments and how do provide the ultimate protection

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November 22 at 11:00AM EST
Don’t Go “IT” Alone: Protect your New Digital Edge from a Volatile Internet with two Dyn Engineering Leaders, Gary Sloper, VP Global Sales Engineering and Jarrod Meschino, Solutions Engineer

If you are like many organizations, you have invested in on-premise solutions to improve web performance and resiliency. Now, to increase agility and better manage capital IT budgets, you’re ramping cloud assets, but, continuing to use your old reliable on-prem traffic management and load balancing solution. By relying solely on these on-premise DNS and DDoS mitigation systems, you’re “going IT alone” when it comes to cloud and internet volatility. Do you want to put your infrastructure on the front line of managing your digital edge against the “bad actors” of the internet?

Join us for this brief “ask anything” webinar on how to use the cloud itself to build a future-proof plan. Discover how to:

  • Leverage your existing on-premise investments to make you “internet strong;”
  • Expand your visibility to encompass your new cloud assets; and
  • Create consistent, reliable, fast global internet reach.

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November 29, 2:00pm ET
DevOps vs the Variable Internet – How to Deliver A Predictable, High Performance Service with Andrew Sullivan, Fellow, Dyn, and Chair, IAB   

DevOps teams rely heavily on DNS to instruct internet infrastructure equipment on where to connect for a resource. But to get to that final destination you must traverse the public internet. With today’s internet variability this journey can lead to unreachable destinations or endpoints, unexpected and significant performance degradations, and even redirects and hijacks that can compromise security. Current Application and Network Performance Management tools do not give the detailed internet performance insights necessary to see these internet issues let alone do anything about them.

Under these conditions it may be deemed impossible to deliver against SLAs on performance.

Get insights into:

  • Ways to best manage endpoint availability
  • Minimize service-affecting security threats
  • Mitigate performance degradation
  • Pick the best virtual partners for your service needs
  • Optimize service performance through planning
  • Reduce MTTR with integrated alerting and operations

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