Unveiling our Big Vision with the Evolution of our Customer Advisory Board (CAB)

August 12, 2015 Kyle York

Today we are hosting our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) in our Manchester, NH headquarters. While the focus of our discussion will be Dyn’s future, it is also a great opportunity to reflect on how far we have come.

Back in 2009, as we were figuring out our initial go-to-market strategy, we looked in the mirror and realized we needed tighter relationships with our leading clients. We didn't know them—and they didn't know us—well enough.

After some internal discussions we launched our CAB, at the time affectionately called the Thought Leadership Council (TLC), that established and aligned these customer relationships, tightened product feedback loops and roadmap collaboration, and expanded our credibility within the market.

We called it a "sounding board and a launching pad" for both Dyn and our advisors. We set out to make it mutually beneficial. Over the years, we've held strong and delivered on this initial intent.

We invited all types of customers from C-level founders (CEO, CIO, CTO) to day-to-day users and beneficiaries of our services. We also made sure to have wide representation from startups to Alexa 100 web properties. We wanted a diverse and open group in which to drive transparency. From day one, we differentiated our brand by treating every single client as a strategic partner with deep and wide relationships. This ethos remains stronger than ever.

I'm proud to say, six years later, our CAB thrives and is tremendously evolved. We have founding members in Lenny Tropiano (HomeAway's Director of IT & Infrastructure), Kevin RisonChu (Miram's Director of Systems and Infrastructure), and Eric Hansen (Sitespect's CEO/co-founder) and we're grateful to them. We also have members from Trip Advisor, Etsy, LinkedIn, Distil Networks, Yahoo, Fastly and more who have joined and been big contributors over the years. Thanks to them.

For our CEO/co-founder Jeremy Hitchcock and myself, the CAB represents the perfect blend of where we've come from and where we need to go. At the CAB formation in 2009, we were pushing a product point-to-point feature/function vision. Now, on the backs of our best and most engaged clients, we're dreaming big. With that, I wanted to share our evolved vision that has truly up-leveled to a place all 400+ Dyn employees, 3500 enterprise customers and millions of users globally can be proud of. You've all played a role.

Dyn Vision:

To be the company connecting people, content and commerce through a single global Internet. Please visit dyn.com/about to watch our vision video and read more about 'The Dyn of Tomorrow’.

Also, please read up on our CAB and enjoy this piece by Jeremy, which will give you tips on how to create your own. The Internet is truly a shared utility and together we will all steward it to a very bright future where Internet Performance reigns supreme.

About the Author

Kyle York

Kyle York is Dyn’s Chief Strategy Officer and has been a long-time executive, having joined in 2008. Over the years, he has held go-to-market leadership roles in worldwide sales, marketing, and services. In his role as CSO, Kyle focuses on overall corporate strategy, including: positioning and evangelism, new market entry, strategic alliances and partnerships, M&A, and business development. Outside of Dyn, Kyle is an angel investor, entrepreneur, and advisor in several startups. Follow Kyle on Twitter: @kyork20 and @Dyn.

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