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Case Study: Global Media Company

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Page 0 of 1 @dyn page 1 Challenge Mitigate a high volume of scraper bots. Reduce IT hardware expenditure. Improve user experience. Solution Oracle Dyn Bot Manager. Oracle Dyn WAF. Results Can now apply controls to restrict how many resources illicit traffic can consume. Able to block malicious traffic, enjoy caching improvements, and reduce hardware expenditures. Oracle Dyn Case Study: GLOBAL MEDIA CO. Company Overview The customer is a global media and online marketing company that maintains over 50,000 websites and hosts over 20,000 pay-per-click campaigns. The Challenge This media company was experiencing a high volume of sophisticated scraping bots. These bots were stealing data associated with user listings and providing that data to third-party competitors, negatively impacting revenue streams and brand recognition. The high volume of nonhuman traffic impeded the user experience and increased the company's IT hardware expenditure 100 percent year over year to ensure enough resources were available to handle the significant load. The company's traditional web application firewall and antivirus solutions were not able to solve the problem. The Solution The company implemented the Oracle Dyn Bot Manager. By making use of the solution's analytics and controls and working with our data scientists, they were able to identify and isolate these highly advanced bots, which were capable of bypassing traditional bot management and mitigation techniques. Additional Benefits Additionally, the customer benefited from the product's caching functionality. The customer's image store infrastructure was strained. This was due to the massive amount of static content that the sites were expected to serve to their Oracle Dyn Bot Manager's human interaction challenge (HIC). HIC identifies normal usage patterns for each web application based on entity behavior analysis. It provides customizable security postures for bots that deviate from the standard usage behavior.

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