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API Security Executive Summary

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@dyn Oracle Dyn API Security Cloud-based, advanced API protection with native SDK for web and mobile API endpoints have become a weak link in today's enterprise networks. Oracle Dyn API Security provides the protection you need for this vulnerability which is often overlooked. Organizations are deploying application program interface (API) endpoints at an ever-increasing rate to keep up with the demands of mobile applications, server-to-server communication, and microservice requirements. This creates a broader attack surface that is increasingly a target for savvy threat actors wielding vast botnets and advanced scripts used to disrupt business critical communications. Organizations need to protect their web services from DDoS attacks and malicious bots without compromising legitimate API traffic. The Solution Using advanced identifiers generated by an integrated library, Oracle Dyn API Security determines the legitimacy of API calls to eliminate attacks at the edge of the network. Malicious activity is blocked by the web application security proxy while authorized traffic passes through seamlessly. The solution works for both authenticated and unauthenticated API calls. Advanced API Security Without Compromise Unlike traditional API protection solutions available today, Oracle Dyn API Security offers a flexible platform that is easily deployed and continuously managed. Ongoing monitoring and tuning of API management policies ensures the optimized performance of your web applications. Key Benefits • Advanced validation techniques • Stronger protection than IP rate limiting alone • Mobile integration • Observes the intent of the call • Detects calls carrying attack payloads • Classifies good vs. bad calls • Looks inside calls – content inspection • Conserves resources • Caches calls – advanced caching • Maintains business continuity and transactions • No impacting/interfering with legitimate traffic • Mobile SDK - easy implementation by developers API SECURITY Executive Summary

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