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Malware Protection Executive Summary

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@dyn Oracle Dyn Malware Protection Cloud-based malware protection for websites offered as a 24/7 Managed Security Service Many digital businesses allow file uploads via their websites and web applications. Site owners permit (and often require) their customers to upload photos, resumes, insurance claims, sign-up forms, signatures, payments, and so forth. Users want a convenient way to share various file types through responsive upload applets. Unfortunately, threat actors leverage the same means as a vector for malware delivery. The Solution As an inline security control, Oracle Dyn Malware Protection detects malware at the edge—before it reaches your web applications. The solution rejects files upon signature or pattern match in real time. It lets you to apply rate limiting, based on various client parameters to further secure web properties. Oracle Dyn Malware Protection gives you the ability to determine the size and naming conventions of uploaded files to conserve network resources and for ease of file organization. Oracle Dyn Malware Protection is part of our cloud-based, managed cybersecurity suite and is seamlessly integrated with our DDoS, Bot Manager, Web Application Firewall, and API Security offerings. Key Benefits • Provides unparalleled insight, visibility, and control over files uploaded to websites • Multiple sources of malware hashes • Inline malware detection upstream in the cloud – not onsite • No performance impact for scanning all uploaded files • Dashboard statistics include sources of malware IP, user agents, geographic locations • Provides visibility into file type blocks/allows • Whitelist files based on type, size, and apply naming conventions • Prevent PHP or any other type of script from executing • Blocks hacker footholds and prevents potential compromise MALWARE PROTECTION Executive Summary

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