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Having a successful email program is hard. It takes attention to detail, attention to data cleanliness, attention to whether emails to go the inbox or spam folder, and attention to whether the technical configurations that you or your team set up are actually correct. The key word: attention. You don't have a lot of it given your workload. Lucky for you, Oracle Dyn's Email Reputation Management team will give your email program all the attention they possibly can. What Is Reputation Management? Through developing into a leader in the bulk/marketing and transactional email delivery space, Oracle Dyn learned that many companies simply don't have the time to commit to everything that goes into maintaining a great email program. Something is always getting dropped or neglected which means lost revenue. Because of that, Reputation Management (RepMan) was created, a hybrid of consultancy and concierge designed to be an extension of your email team. The service primarily focuses on the technical side of the email coin, but can branch out into content or guidance on new email programs, if that's what is needed the most. The approach is to blend the right configurations with the right insight at the right time, enabling you to make the appropriate decisions in order to optimize your entire email program for success. What Does the Service Include? RepMan clients get immediate access to our team of experts, comprised of a mix of deliverability and email marketing specialists. After an initial consult and kickoff meeting to understand everything possible about your EMAIL REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Data Sheet email program, the team regularly analyzes and reports on your email performance using a mix of internal tools, third party tools, and industry knowledge. Our team will ensure your email program is optimized for the best delivery possible by troubleshooting and proactively resolving issues with both major and minor mailbox providers, working with blacklist and spam filter operators, and discussing pain points with your team as they arise. Why Would You Need This Service? Pairing Oracle Dyn's email platform with Reputation Management will increase your inbox placement and sending reputation through bounce reviews, blacklist resolution, content reviews, alerts on potential issues, and more. Unlike other similar service providers, Oracle Dyn actually delivers email, helping us gain better insight into your specific performance and enabling us to quickly and more comprehensively take action when needed. If your business relies on bulk and/or transactional email, poor or even subpar inbox placement can be costly, and maintaining the optimal level of deliverability is time-consuming. Most operations and/or IT managers are not email deliverability experts, and those who have this expertise are few and far between. Our Reputation Management team will ensure consistent and quality email delivery, allowing your team to focus on other tasks instead of having to learn and manage the complexities of email delivery. How Does the Process Work? Mailbox provider mediation With email volume at 50 billion messages annually, you gain our knowledge and relationships with all of the @dyn

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