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Internet Alerts Routing Data Sheet

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Oracle Dyn Internet Alerts BGP Routing Oracle Dyn's Routing Alerts capability uses its extensive peering relationships (over 700 peers) along with traceroute data to identify and diagnose BGP issues such as hijacks, outages, and instabilities. The API can be polled as frequently as every 30 seconds to match BGP propagation time. This allows for your team to respond quickly to activity being conducted against your address space. If you announce an incorrect change, you can fix that problem before it becomes a larger issue. Alerts are delivered via a RESTful API or via email notifications. The monitoring service looks for the following BGP issues: • Hijacks • Upstream provider changes • Outages • Instabilities • New originated prefixes INTERNET ALERTS Data Sheet Example Email Output: JSON output : "origin": 17929, "acknowledgeType": null, "loweredAt": null, "peerCount": 380, "firstEvidenceAt": 1486983609, "prefix": "", "updatedAt": 1486994536, "acknowledgedAt": null, "category": "hijack", "raisedAt": 1486983609, "validOrigins": [ 7743 Example of DDoS Mitigation Monitoring: In addition to the BGP alerts, Oracle Dyn can also look at upstream transit distribution to detect any changes based on DDoS mitigation services or transit relation- ship changes. Notice (in the output below) the incon- sistent activation by Akamai, leaving this address space vulnerable to an attacker still reaching the target via GTT, Level 3, and Interoute. @dyn

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