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DDoS Protection Service Monitoring Data Sheet

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Oracle Dyn Internet Alerts DDoS Protection Service Monitoring Oracle Dyn's extensive dataset which includes full routing tables from over 700 IPv4 and IPv6 networks gives us unrivaled insight into these events with near real-time notification: Below is an example event of the monitoring data Oracle Dyn collects and can send to our customers. In this real-life example, the alert chart sent via API shows that the DDoS protection activation from Akamai did not propagate to all peers.The first image shows at about 3:30 UTC that the DDoS protection service was activated, but there were still some routes through Internap being observed. In the second image you can see which providers still had routes to a variety of domains. By knowing when DDoS protection services turn on and turn off, businesses can: (1) gauge effectiveness of the service, (2) validate usage charges, and (3) mitigate leaks with sharper intelligence. This, and much more information is available via Oracle Dyn Internet Alerts. DDoS Protection Service Activation Alert Example: DDOS PROTECTION SERVICE MONITORING Data Sheet DDoS Protection Service Effectiveness Insight Example: @dyn

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