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Internet Performance Alerts with Traceroutes

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Oracle Dyn Internet Alerts Performance Alerts with Traceroutes Oracle Dyn's Performance Alerts generates measurements to target endpoints and, by allowing the user to set thresholds for latency and packet loss, generates alerts when a performance deterioration is observed. Oracle Dyn's internet performance alerts use two approaches to measurement. The monitoring is achieved by using lightweight, high-frequency PINGs to the target IP addresses. Oracle Dyn also performs traceroutes to the target IP address every 15 minutes. In the event of the detection of a performance issue, the application automatically triggers an additional traceroute to provide the before/after perspective around the notification. The API also provides historical retrieval of paths observed at a given time. This will enable the user to investigate episodes from the previous 30 days as part of any secondary forensic analysis. Alerts are delivered via a RESTful API or via email notifications that include a graphical visualization of the alert. The user can configure measurements to endpoint IP addresses from any of our cloud-based Vantage Points installed in the major cloud provider regions. The monitoring service looks for performance degradation and alerts on the following 3 types of events: • End-to-end connectivity: we alert when we see our measurements fail to reach the target. • Latency deterioration: the user sets a fixed millisecond threshold (e.g. 200ms), when we see INTERNET ALERTS Data Sheet measurements rise above this threshold, we alert the user. • Packet loss: the user sets a percentage threshold (e.g., 15%), and when we see packet loss to the target rise above that threshold, we alert the user. Email output example: Another example of latency deterioration : @dyn

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