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IP Asset Attribution API Asset Discovery and Tracking Often business have numerous IP assets facing the internet. In complex enterprise networks, departments and services are constantly changing IP-prefix group assignments to support changing needs. Keeping track of IP assets, their attributes, and what they are used for can be a daunting task. The impact of not carefully managing IP assets can be significant. Misallocated or lost assets can lead to poor online customer experiences, untracked network costs, and asset hijacks. Policies can be error-prone or incomplete, and business reputation and revenues can suffer. To operate a global, highly accurate authoritative DNS service, Dyn is constantly collecting and geo-correcting IP assets. For over a decade, Dyn has developed methods to collect IP data from dozens of registries, validate data through BGP analysis, and geolocation to create a comprehensive IP asset data source. Through a simple, easy-to-implement RESTful API, businesses receive IP asset list and attribution details of internet-facing IP assets and partners' IP assets. Using this data, internet-facing IP asset discovery and tracking can be effectively accomplished. Asset Discovery Capabilities Asset Attribution API data is accessed by entering a URL name string via the API. It returns information matching that name, including ASN, IP prefix and domain label data. IP ASSET ATTRIBUTION API Data Sheet Discovery capabilities can be used for good housekeeping, global brand search name awareness, and many innovative analyses. For instance a "good neighbor analysis" can find IP prefix and URL adjacency to mitigate mistyped IP routing problems. Example of potential graphical output of API delivered asset data Asset Tracking Capabilities Online services today span many assets from potentially multiple internal networks and external partners. Tracking which assets a re used for which services can help design monitoring and management strategies for improving problem resolution accuracy and durations. The IP Asset Attribution API provides online inventory of internet assets for ASNs, IP prefixes, domains, cloud instances, and CDN access. Each asset brings with it attribution information and tagging for geography, upstream provider, and peers. @dyn

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