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Enterprise Security and Performance Insight and Services Connecting users, employees, and partners to your enterprise assets across the internet is a critical part of your enterprise infrastructure. With the constantly evolving threat landscape and performance volatility of the internet, both the security and network teams are challenged to reduce and mitigate threats, while maintaining uptime and performance. Having the right data about the internet is the difference between limited insight and really knowing what's going on. Internet Dependencies Affecting Connectivity and Security End-to-end connectivity across the internet is inherently reliant upon multiple vendors and complex peering and transit relationships. This heavy reliance on the internet often results in traffic routing anomalies and hijacks which result in heightened security risk and high-scale service disruption and degradation. In such a complex environment, visibility and insight into the multiple dependencies affecting internet connectivity is an essential requirement for security and risk teams to protect organizations from external threats that can compromise your infrastructure. Monitor and analyze the Internet dependencies affecting corporate assets Internet intelligence data is used to deliver extended visibility, monitoring, and control beyond the network edge and into your internet-connected infrastructure. INTERNET INTELLIGENCE DATA & ANALYTICS Data Sheet It gives corporate security and risk teams unrivalled insight into potential cybersecurity threats and to proactively create response strategies to combat the likelihood of common internet-traffic routing attacks including DDoS, BGP route hijacking, black hole, impersonation, and man-in-the-middle attacks. Response teams can now gain visibility into all public facing, online assets and can monitor and be alerted on anomalies and routing changes that have the potential to affect online services. Oracle Dyn internet intelligence data comprises a unique and multidimensional data set. Oracle Dyn's network collects 200bn data points daily and is the most advanced BGP and global trace route database in the world, observing every global internet path, every 24 seconds, including historical data dating back 14 years. Correlation across these datasets reveals root causes and enables security teams to identify, mitigate, and validate common cybersecurity threats. Internet intelligence data enables IT teams to analyze connectivity to the corporate infrastructure from the "outside in" by monitoring and analyzing the traffic routes that customers use to connect to the corporate infrastructure and online assets. Security breaches can be caused by a vast array of network and application layer attacks. Oracle Dyn provides alarming to deliver advanced warning of degraded endpoint IP performance, BGP routing, and AS and prefix changes. IP Portfolio Discovery and Change Validation Understanding your public internet posture and analyzing global discoverability of public-facing brand names and IP address inventory can promote efficient @dyn I N T E R N E T I N T E L L I G E N C E Oracle Dyn detects over 3K routing anomalies per day, affecting over 500K domains per year.

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