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Case Study: IdentityMind Global

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Case Study | IdentityMind Global @dyn page 2 A more secure cloud migration Security is one of the biggest concerns that IdentityMind and other businesses must address before migrating to the cloud. Enterprises often worry that they'll have to sacrifice their current security posture and quickly adapt to a new security profile once the migration is complete. An even greater fear is this new security posture will not meet their requirements or service-level agreements. To address this issue, businesses require a solution that protects their IT infrastructure before, during and after the migration. Once the migration is completed, security should be as strong if not stronger than before. IdentityMind determined the best way to reach these goals was to implement Oracle Dyn Web Application Security about six months before making the move to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle Dyn Web Application Security is a true multi-tenant cloud platform that leverages the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Edge Compute Network, which consists of more than 20 high-capacity, globally- distributed points of presence. The company chose to go live with the suite's Web Application Firewall and DDoS Protection. The security platform also includes Bot Manager, Malware Protection, and API Protection. Each module is cloud-based and offered as a 24/7 managed service. Businesses can invest in the security platform as a standalone solution or as part of a larger Oracle Cloud Infrastructure implementation. Oracle Dyn Web Application Security offers protection that spans customers' on-premises data centers, the Oracle cloud, and even other vendors' clouds when needed. This enables customers to securely move applications to the cloud, or even maintain a hybrid infrastructure, with a common and consistent security posture. Organizations have varying security requirements based on the different types of endpoints they're using. Oracle Dyn Web Application Security allows for granular access control and security policies that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each user's application environment. Detect attacks in seconds with DDoS Protection IdentityMind is using the DDoS Protection component of Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite to protect its network because the service can quickly alert administrators and automatically mitigate a DDoS attack within seconds of it being launched. In the event of an attack, traffic is immediately diverted to Oracle Dyn scrubbing centers where bad traffic is removed and good traffic is sent back to IdentityMind. The scrubbing centers are operated by Oracle Dyn DDoS detection and mitigation experts. Oracle Dyn's RapidBGP technology enables automatic analysis of DDoS alerts and deployment of routing commands to ensure immediate action is taken when legitimate DDoS attacks are detected, without human intervention. DDoS Protection also includes a fully integrated management dashboard with analytics to provide greater visibility into security threats. "I think [DDoS Protection] is a great tool that lets us have much more visibility in terms of what attackers are trying to do and how we're going to enhance our security posture," Balan said. At the same time, Oracle Dyn WAF protects IdentityMind's internet-facing applications from inbound security threats. Oracle Dyn WAF inspects all web traffic destined for IdentityMind's web application and automatically blocks malicious traffic when it's detected.

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