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• Detect malicious bots through a JavaScript challenge • Identify bots that deviate from standard usage behavior, activity, or frequency • Use device fingerprinting to identify and block malicious bots There are several other attributes that are essential to ensuring that you are not only prepared now, but that your security platform can adapt to a rapidly evolving threat environment in the future. Your solution should be: Cloud-based: It's difficult to overstate the importance of moving security to the cloud. Cybercriminals are using every means at their disposal to innovate rapidly. Fighting them requires that you leverage innovation just as quickly. You don't have time for standard procurement, deployment, and training processes. By the time your solution is in place, the criminals have moved on to another attack mechanism. Plus, a cloud- based service will result in lower costs, increased agility, and higher availability. Managed: With WAF, DDoS protection and bot management as managed cybersecurity services, you can achieve easy setup and onboarding, with prebuilt templates, rule sets, recommendations, and policies tailored to your unique business needs. You can also leverage ongoing monitoring and tuning 24/7 by security operations center (SOC) engineers working in multiple centers around the world providing a valuable "second set of eyes" on your security. Seamlessly integrated: The days of siloed security solutions are over. You don't know where an attack may be coming from, or what type of attack may pose the nearest and clearest danger. You need to see and manage cybersecurity from a central platform to gain insight into the attack patterns hitting your web applications and network. For example, a DDoS attack may be used to mask another more insidious attack happening elsewhere in your infrastructure. The ability to see and manage everything from a single dashboard is imperative for having a full understanding of the threats facing your organization. AI, supervised machine learning, and automation- capable: Malicious actors are employing advanced techniques such as AI and supervised machine learning to execute automated attacks. These attacks are agile and highly adaptable in terms of bypassing the mitigation techniques you have in place. The patterns they employ are often too subtle, too complex, or they may change too quickly for the human eye alone. To successfully fight a machine-launched attacked, you need a machine-driven defense. Leveraging AI and machine learning will help your organization develop learning models that will automatically tune your solutions, ensuring up-to-date posture. Why Oracle Dyn Web Application Security? When it comes to meeting the requirements of an integrated cybersecurity platform discussed in this paper, you will find that Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite is the industry's most comprehensive and innovative solution. The Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite is a managed cybersecurity solution that operates 24/7 year-round, offering global coverage, automation, detection and mitigation of advanced cyberthreats through a central, integrated platform that includes: • Web Application Firewall: A proven cloud- based WAF with granular access controls, geo- and URL blocking, unlimited DDoS mitigation, API security, malware protection and the ability to leverage customized rules and templates. 5 WEB APPLICATION SECURITY BUYER'S GUIDE: LEVERAGING THE BENEFITS OF CLOUD WEB APPLICATION SECURITY TO ADDRESS AN EVOLVING THREAT LANDSCAPE

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