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WEB APPLICATION SECURITY BUYER'S GUIDE: LEVERAGING THE BENEFITS OF CLOUD WEB APPLICATION SECURITY TO ADDRESS AN EVOLVING THREAT LANDSCAPE • Bot Management: Layered security policies that detect and block malicious bot traffic while validating and prioritizing legitimate user traffic. Oracle Dyn Bot Manager features important bot management capabilities that are not available in basic WAF solutions, including JavaScript and human interaction challenges, and device fingerprinting. • Network- and Application-level DDoS Protection: Monitoring and proprietary signaling solution with fully automated 60-second mitigation, subnet and single IT protection, extensive transit and peering capacity and unlimited usage—monitored and managed 24/7 by top cybersecurity and DDoS experts. The suite is managed from a consolidated intuitive customer-facing portal offering detailed analytics and customizable insight. Conclusion The cyberthreat landscape is evolving quickly and cybercriminals remain focused on web applications as a particular vulnerability. Older on-premises solutions won't suffice in today's environment, so organizations need a new model that offers integrated protections and scalability. Not all solutions and approaches are created equal. When it comes to deploying a next-generation, integrated cybersecurity platform, Oracle Dyn Web Application Security offers significant advantages to help your organization stay protected—even as adversaries continue to change their modes of attack. With Oracle Dyn Web Application Security, you can deploy a cloud-based, managed, comprehensive, and integrated platform that includes a best-of- breed WAF, advanced bot management and DDoS protection. You'll be able to reduce costs and ease the burden on IT and security personnel—all while making your organization more secure and better prepared for the future. 6 For more information on how you can improve security to meet the challenges of today's cybersecurity landscape, please visit Oracle Dyn at https://dyn.com/security/.

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