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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: UNDERSTANDING API SECURITY doesn't incorporate specific protections for DDoS security and advanced bot management. What do you want? Here are the key features and functions to look for in a solution: • Ability to determine the legitimacy of API calls, whether they are authenticated or unauthenticated • Ability to block malicious API activity at the edge of the network, while allowing authorized traffic to pass through seamlessly • API security as part of a fully integrated cybersecurity platform that also includes an advanced WAF, DDoS protection and advanced bot management capabilities • Easy integration with mobile apps • API attack detection, mitigation and management incorporated as a 24/7 managed security service, enabling ongoing monitoring and tuning of API management policies to ensure optimized performance of web applications • Use of advanced threat detection, detailed reporting, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence • In-depth reporting and analytics, with single-console management of all web cybersecurity functionality, delivered as a managed cloud service Which solution takes a modern, innovative approach to API security? In evaluating solutions that address today's API endpoint security challenges most effectively and innovatively, Oracle Dyn API Security stands out from the competition. Unlike traditional solutions that rely only on IP rate limiting and basic DDoS protection techniques, Oracle Dyn API Security combines WAF-based defenses with advanced algorithms to vet API requests, determine legitimacy and eliminate API attacks at the edge of the network. 3

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