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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: UNDERSTANDING API SECURITY From an authentication perspective, an Oracle Dyn library is integrated with the client's applications. Each API call contains an Oracle Dyn header with a unique hash. This guarantees that the API call originated from a friendly, legitimate source. API calls that do not have the unique hash are blocked at the edge; those that have the hash pass through seamlessly. In addition to deploying a unique methodology to manage API security, Oracle Dyn API Security meets all the other criteria for a modern solution, as outlined in this paper: • Integrated: It is offered as part of the Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite with the WAF. • Cloud-based: It is offered as a cloud-based service, which means it delivers cloud economics and agility, with the ability to deploy innovation quickly and easily keep pace with a rapidly changing threat landscape. • Managed: As part of the suite, it is offered as a 24/7 managed security service, which means your organization has access to cybersecurity experts at all times, with ongoing monitoring, tuning and a second set of eyes watching over your environment. • Intelligent and automated: The entire Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite leverages machine learning, smart automation, and AI- driven capabilities to respond more quickly and effectively to attacks of all kinds. Conclusion As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, they are realizing that API endpoints represent a potential vulnerability they can exploit. APIs increase their attack surface and open a window for DDoS attacks and malicious bots. Plus, many of their targets continue to take a legacy approach to API security, which leaves organizations more vulnerable than they should be, given the availability of solutions that offer more complete protection. Don't let your organization fall behind in API security for your mobile apps, endpoints, IoT devices, and other implementations. With the Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite, you can leverage an intelligent approach to API security that protects you from DDoS attacks and malicious bots without compromising legitimate API traffic. Plus, you can leverage cloud economics and agility with a managed services model that gives you continuous monitoring and visibility. Visit Oracle Dyn at https://dyn.com/api-protection/ for more information on how to protect your API endpoints as part of an integrated approach to cybersecurity. 4

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