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THE BUSINESS CASE FOR ADVANCED BOT MANAGEMENT moving far too quickly to rely on any solution that can't be monitored around the clock, leveraging real-time intelligence and insight. Second, you want a solution that is part of an integrated approach to web security. Your advanced bot manager should work hand in hand with your WAF, as well as your tools for API security and protection against DDoS attacks and malware. In today's world, attacks can come from anywhere; you want a centralized view and control over your entire web environment so you can act quickly and appropriately as soon as a threat is detected. Why Oracle Dyn The Oracle Dyn Bot Manager is the industry's most innovative and effective solution for bot management. It is offered as a cloud-based, 24/7 managed security service and integrated as part of a complete approach to web security through the Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite. Oracle Dyn Bot Manager enables you to: • Detect and block malicious bot traffic • Allow and manage good bots • Utilize configurable challenge and detection techniques • Defeat a wide range of malicious activity including content and price scraping, web- based phishing, spam, chatbots, click fraud, credential stuffing, vulnerability scans, and code injections • Conserve bandwidth and web resources Oracle Dyn Bot Manager uses a layered approach, combining WAF-based filters like rate limiting and whitelisting with advanced techniques such as JavaScript and human interaction challenges and device fingerprinting to identify and mitigate bad bots. These advanced techniques ensure that customers can maximize insight and intelligence in identifying bad bots and mitigate their impact. Oracle Dyn Bot Manager also leverages good bot 3

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