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THE BUSINESS CASE FOR ADVANCED BOT MANAGEMENT whitelisting, CAPTCHA, and bot traffic shaping for a comprehensive approach to bot management. Real-world success stories Companies across a wide range of industries—retail, e-commerce, gaming, media, Internet services, financial services and others—are using Oracle Dyn Bot Manager to mitigate bot problems that were having a potentially crippling impact on business operations. The following two examples illustrate how an advanced bot manager can drive business value in different industries: • Media: A global media company was experiencing a high volume of sophisticated scraping bots that were stealing data associated with user listings and providing it to competitors. The company maintains more than 50,000 websites and hosts more than 20,000 pay-per-click campaigns. Leveraging our human interaction challenge, the company identified and isolated the highly advanced bots, which were bypassing traditional bot management and mitigation techniques. The company can now apply controls to restrict how many resources illicit traffic can take up and block that traffic entirely. Site performance has improved, and spending on hardware has declined. • Gaming: A Japan-based developer of a very popular mobile gaming application was experiencing a high level of malicious bot traffic that was consuming a vast amount of resources on its web servers. Its domains had a combined data transfer requirement of 42 terabytes per month and 20,000 requests per second. The company was able to use the Oracle Dyn JavaScript challenge to identify and mitigate malicious bot traffic. It also maintained a whitelist to allow good bots to reach the application. As a result, the company was able to stay online and deliver a strong user experience despite being under near- constant attack. Conclusion Managing bots has become a strategic imperative. The bot epidemic is growing exponentially, and companies that don't act now are exposing themselves to enormous risk. It's not only about limiting the impact of malicious bots, but also about ensuring that you do no harm by effectively managing good bots. Doing so requires an advanced bot manager. With the right solution, you can strengthen your security by identifying and eliminating bad bots, fight fraud, and create a better end-user experience for employees, partners, and customers. Choosing the right solution is critical. Oracle Dyn Bot Manager utilizes best practices in bot identification, mitigation, and management. The solution leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as advanced techniques such as JavaScript and human interaction challenges, device fingerprinting, and bot traffic shaping, among others. The bot threat is becoming more complex and potentially destructive. Make sure your organization is not a victim of this web epidemic. Visit Oracle Dyn at https://dyn.com/bot-manager/ to learn more. 4

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