Bot Manager Business Case

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The explosion of bots has become a huge issue for businesses, dramatically affecting both web application security and competitive advantage. Research shows that 77 percent of breaches were performed by malicious bots. 1 Cybercriminals use bots to wreak havoc on businesses: committing fraud, scraping sites, stealing information, disrupting legitimate business activities, and fueling distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. The impact of malicious bots is so widespread that it is impossible to approximate the financial impact other than to state that it is both immense and growing. At the same time, however, there are good bots. These bots are critical for successfully conducting business on the Internet. They are used for search engine optimization (SEO), the delivery of real-time information such as news and weather updates, 1 Verizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report and identification of copyright theft or plagiarism, among other business-critical functions. Recognizing that you can't live without bots, the issue becomes how you can live with them most effectively. The answer is an advanced bot manager. With the right solution, you can strengthen your web application security profile by identifying and eliminating bad bots while allowing and managing good bots. An advanced bot manager enables you to maintain competitive advantage by preventing content and price scraping, eliminating click and shopping cart fraud, blocking spam, and at the same time, improving the user experience with minimal impact on performance. The business case for an advanced bot manager is compelling, but the reality is that not all solutions provide the same capabilities. Most bot solutions, including those that come packaged with a basic web application firewall (WAF), often lack the The Business Case for Advanced Bot Management W H I T E PA P E R

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