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Case Study: Covanta

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Case Study | Covanta @dyn page 2 Why Oracle Dyn Web Application Security? Security is one of the biggest concerns that organizations must address before completing a cloud migration. Enterprises often worry that they'll have to sacrifice their current security posture and quickly adapt to a new security profile once the migration is completed. An even greater fear is that this new security posture will not meet requirements or service-level agreements. The Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite alleviates these concerns by protecting an organization's IT infrastructure before, during, and after migration to the cloud. The suite offers protection that spans customers' on-premises data centers, the Oracle cloud, and even other vendors' clouds when needed. This enables customers to maintain a cohesive security posture regardless of where IT systems are running. "Oracle Dyn Web Application Security can protect a business's IT infrastructure during all phases of migration," said Laurent Gil, product strategy architect at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. "And once the migration is complete, security is as strong if not stronger than before." The suite harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and adaptive machine learning to defend websites, applications, and networks from increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Each component of the suite is fully cloud-based and available as a 24/7 managed service. The Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite includes a next-generation Web Application Firewall (WAF), a Bot Manager, and API, DDoS, and malware protection. Upon learning about the Oracle Dyn Web Application Security suite, Covanta decided to set up a proof of concept (POC) with Oracle. The POC demonstrated that the suite could detect and send alerts to administrators about malicious web traffic; identify and send alerts about any activity that falls under the OWASP Top 10 security threats; and detect and send alerts on bot activity. "[Oracle Dyn Web Application Security] is definitely one of the higher-performing solutions in this space. We're really happy with the capabilities, the output, and the integration." – Jason Gonsalves Manager, Security Architect at Covanta

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