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@dyn dyn.com page 3 Who uses Oracle Dyn? Enterprise companies, major retailers, airlines, buzzworthy startups, and everything in between. Who doesn't use Oracle Dyn? Spammers, affiliate marketers, payday loan senders, and other less-than-reputable email senders. Is Oracle Dyn a front-end provider like MailChimp or Bronto? We are an SMTP relay (aka back end) that either a custom, front-end interface or a partner can plug into. We deliver email, but don't offer the capability for users to develop HTML campaigns and/or manage lists. Are you the same type of service as Mandrill, Amazon SES, and SendGrid? We certainly are. While there are some differences in the interfaces and terminology, the basics are the same: We power a large, clean sender network that is built for sending bulk and transactional email to opt in users. Do you offer a front end for HTML development and list management as well? We don't, but we integrate with several partners that do. With whom do you integrate? We integrate with front-end providers like Ongage, Cordial, and Iterable, and several marketing automation services. If you have questions about any system that allows you to use an alternate SMTP relay, just ask. What type of stats do you offer? We currently offer opens, clicks, engagement stats, bounces, and complaints with the ability to view reporting via our portal, API calls, or postback URLs. If there's something specific to your business that you'd like to know about, please ask. FAQ | Oracle Dyn Email Delivery

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