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@dyn dyn.com page 5 Do you care about CAN-SPAM and CASL compliancy? Absolutely. If noncompliant senders are otherwise approved, we will work with them so they are compliant. Reliability Having a platform that was built on the same philosophies as the Oracle Dyn anycast DNS network ensures that you're always able to send and will have the best possible availability. Integration Sending can be done over SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), by common libraries, or with a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) such as Postfix. Oracle Dyn also has many customers sending email by integrating their applications directly with our (RESTful) API. Why does all of this matter? We know that email is a main revenue and communication driver for thousands of companies across the world. That's why we built Oracle Dyn Email Delivery to help scale and support those needs. Quite simply, sending through a clean and secure network matters, and we look forward to having you experience the Oracle Dyn difference. Learn more – Visit: dyn.com/email FAQ | Oracle Dyn Email Delivery

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