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Case Study: WMPH Vacations

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@dyn page 2 Case Study | iCruise WMPH needed a service provider that could do much more than simply monitor email and provide static reports about things like opens and bounce rates. It needed a partner that could offer actionable guidance and proactively work with mailbox providers to increase inbox placement and continually improve WMPH's sender reputation. That's why WMPH chose Oracle Dyn Email Delivery. "Oracle Dyn is not only the deliverability solution provider, they're also the architecture provider," Petersen said. "With Oracle Dyn, I now have a true partner who is not only monitoring my deliverability, but taking concrete steps on my behalf to improve my deliverability and solve problems as they arise." Measurable results People can opt in to receive marketing emails, but that doesn't necessarily mean those emails will hit their inboxes. Back-end architecture problems and issues with mailbox providers can cause marketing emails to be blocked or mistakenly diverted to junk folders. The Oracle Dyn team constantly monitors WMPH email delivery for these issues and has taken several steps to improve WMPH's overall sending reputation, including: • Contacting mailbox providers and blacklist operators to remediate problems • Customizing MTA (mail transfer agent) connections by mailbox provider • Solving spam trap issues • Proactively managing IP pools • Offering guidance on email content best practices Prior to going live with Oracle Dyn, WMPH marketing emails were hitting fewer than 75 percent of the inboxes on the company's mailing lists, and that number was trending downward fast. After working with the Oracle Dyn Email Delivery team, WMPH quickly saw dramatic improvements in placement rates. "Our first big win was about eight weeks in when we hit 100 percent inbox placement at Gmail for our primary brand," Petersen said. "And since we've been on full blast with Oracle Dyn, I've hit 100 percent placement at certain points with all major mailbox providers across every one of our brands." Smooth sailing with Oracle Dyn After deciding the time was right to find a new email partner, WMPH evaluated and seriously considered choosing competing email delivery companies. But that was before WMPH got to know Oracle Dyn. Most email delivery and reputation management companies can monitor email systems and provide basic reports about deliverability. But when it comes to understanding email architecture and proactively working with mailbox providers on behalf of clients, Oracle Dyn Email Delivery is the clear winner, Petersen said. "There was very little a company like Return Path could actually do on my behalf, whereas Oracle Dyn has complete control over the architecture as well as the deliverability insights," Petersen said. "With Oracle Dyn, I have a new member of my team that I could not have hired on my own." In addition to increased inbox placement, Oracle Dyn Email Delivery customers benefit from gaining better visibility into the effectiveness of email marketing programs. Oracle Dyn Email Delivery reports track opens, clicks, complaints, and unsubscribes and customers can also create custom reporting by using Oracle Dyn's API or postback service. Oracle Dyn offers one of the cleanest, most respected networks in the industry which translates to improved sending reputations for customers. Oracle Dyn complements its network with consultative Reputation Management services that are focused on proactive deliverability and increased inbox placement.

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