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@dyn dyn.com page 1 @dyn dyn.com page 1 Oracle Dyn DNS Overview Trusted by the World's Most Influential Web Properties Why Should You Rethink Your DNS? DNS is something we simply take for granted. You probably get it from your internet service provider (ISP) or cloud provider. But when your DNS doesn't provide the manageability, reliability, or performance you need, it can have an enormous impact on your business. With DNS failures and hacker attacks becoming more frequent and costly, 1 it's time to rethink the investment you are making in DNS. DNS Reliability and Consistency Matter! Ensuring high-quality user experiences is just one reason to partner with the DNS experts at Oracle Dyn. Another is that we consistently respond to DNS queries from anywhere in the world in less than 30 milliseconds and propagate DNS records across the globe in under a minute. And that's important, because consistency in response times is just as important as speed. A shocking number of internet disruptions occur each month— so reliability, or lack of it, has a direct impact on your business and your bottom line. Why Oracle Dyn DNS? Enterprise-class managed services and support: Our world- class technology is delivered with a passion for our craft and a focus on the success of our customers. Our service is backed by dedicated support and customer success teams. With our web application firewall (WAF) solution and our industry-leading DNS, you can rest easy knowing that both WAF and DNS policies are supported by a single support team. Session flows go back and forth between DNS and WAF platforms to direct traffic to WAFs and then intelligently get to the desired endpoints. A complex scenario like this is best configured and monitored by a single support team. Consistent, industry-leading consistency in performance: DNS resolution can account for up to 30 percent of site load time for websites and internet-facing applications. Our network is consistently fast and responsive, delivering dependable 1 Jai Vijayan, "Frequency and Costs of DNS-based Attacks," May 2018 78% of organizations reported having at least four website disruptions a month, and 15% experience 10 or more. – according to a recent Aberdeen Group study "Oracle Dyn is a very customer-oriented company. The products and services we use have served us well over the years, and we are more than satisfied with the level of service we get." – Michael W. Moreo Assistant Director of IT, National Arbitration &

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