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Oracle Dyn Web Application Security Overview

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@dyn page 1 Oracle Dyn Web Application Security Start with a Secure, Intelligent Edge DDoS attacks. Botnets. Malicious hackers. The internet can be a dangerous placeā€”and it's growing more volatile all the time. Attackers have access to an ever-widening range of sophisticated tools designed to exploit weaknesses in your defenses. Simply guarding your perimeter is no longer enough. Today's businesses require dynamic, modern security solutions that automatically detect and thwart incoming attacks before they reach your websites and applications. Oracle Dyn Web Application Security is the answer. With advanced bot detection and mitigation capabilities, DDoS protection, and a powerful, cloud-based web application firewall (WAF), Oracle Dyn Web Application Security relentlessly defends your internet-facing services against inbound cyberthreats. Whether your sites and applications are hosted on your premises or in a hybrid or multicloud environment, Oracle Dyn Web Application Security strengthens your security posture from edge to core. The Power of an Integrated Platform To keep websites and internet-facing applications safe, today's businesses require an advanced, cloud-based security platform that offers protection across a wide range of cyberthreats. It need to be "always-on" and fully managed 24/7/365 by security experts trained to monitor and mitigate threats on your behalf. "By 2023, more than 30% of public-facing web applications will be protected by cloud web application and API protection (WAAP) services that combine distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, bot mitigation, API protection and WAFs," according to Gartner. Oracle Dyn Web Application Security provides a full complement of integrated security solutions. Unlike point products that only offer protection for specific attack types, our integrated platform extends your security posture to protect against a wide range of attack vectors targeting your web applications. A significant portion of all cyberattacks are directed at web applications. In fact, attacks on web applications are the number one cause of data breaches. Source: Verizon: Data Breach Investigations Report, 2017 RELENTLESSLY PROTECTING THE EXPERIENCE

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