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Oracle Dyn Web Application Security Overview

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Executive Summary | Oracle Dyn Web Application Security Advanced Web Application Security Cybercriminals use sophisticated attack techniques and botnets that can exponentially increase their capabilities. To combat this ever-evolving threat, you need the right tools and expertise on your side. The Oracle Dyn platform provides an integrated set of security defenses that can rapidly adapt to new threats. It's fully managed and backed by a dedicated, global security operations center (SOC). At the heart of the solution we deliver key capabilities, including: • Over 300 rules, spanning OWASP top 10 web application security risks • Flexible, configurable rules and compliance-based rulesets • Automated threat identification and recommended WAF rule actions • Extensible APIs to integrate into security information, event management (SIEM) and third-party applications Supervised Machine Learning Automated security solutions that rely on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are important concepts for fighting sophisticated cybersecurity threats. Bad actors are already using automation, bots, and AI. Oracle Dyn Web Application Security gives you the power to fight fire with fire. Faster Time to Automated Threat Detection Oracle Dyn Web Application Security leverages supervised ML to dynamically and automatically update your security posture. Based on patent-pending ML algorithms and coupled with threat intelligence and big data analytics, the Oracle Dyn platform inspects web traffic in real time to identify threats and anomalies and dynamically update security postures accordingly. Web Application Firewall Cybercriminals can easily overwhelm or breach an organization's perimeter-only defenses. Our cloud- based security platform expands your defenses globally and thwarts attacks of all sizes. The Oracle Dyn WAF combines a powerful group of protection mechanisms designed to address the specific requirements of today's multicloud and hybrid cloud IT environments. Our WAF features include: • Cloud-based, highly scalable, global workload resources • Automated threat detection • Hundreds of configurable rulesets • Shared, global threat intelligence • Support for custom rulesets • Integrated, platform-based solution that includes API security, bot management, and DDoS protection Bot Management Bots are everywhere, accounting for more than half the traffic to some sites. 1 Some bots are good for your business. Some are bad. But they all need to be managed. Traditional, on-premises WAFs typically lack advanced techniques needed to combat the increasing level of sophistication we see in today's bots. Our WAF's bot management capabilities include: • Access control, IP rate limiting, request limiting, and good bot whitelisting • Advanced bot detection techniques such as JavaScript challenge, human interaction challenge, and device fingerprinting to identify and block bad bots • Supervised machine learning techniques that fuel the industry's most innovative and effective solution for mitigating bot-based attacks API Security API endpoints, an often-overlooked liability, have become a weak link in today's enterprise networks. Unlike traditional API protection solutions, our API security is integrated into our platform, easily deployed, and managed 24/7. Continuous monitoring and tuning of API security policies ensure the highest level of API security. Capabilities and benefits include: • Advanced validation techniques • Stronger protection than IP rate limiting alone 1 Source: Ponemon Institute, 2017 @dyn page 2

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