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• Reverse proxies • Bot management • Web application firewalls • API defenses • Caching Conversely, in cloud environments, you will often hear the term cloud core. The cloud core is where the web applications reside. Inside the core, you will often find compute, storage, connectivity, and, of course, databases containing private and highly valuable data. Also, you will often find other security-related technologies that perform encryption, access control, key management, and so forth that are more often thought of in the context of the core because that is where they most often reside. Integrate Like a Modern Military The modern military uses the concept of integration in all its defen‐ ses by way of capturing and communicating internal threat intelli‐ gence gained about the tactics, techniques, and procedures of their adversaries. This intelligence is shared across each of the preceding lines of defense as well as to the lines that follow. What is achieved here is that the lines of defense begin to work in unison, in an inte‐ grated fashion, providing synergy and cooperation between all lines of defense. The aim of integrating the lines of defense is to address the shortcomings of the original "definition," which calls for "inde‐ pendent" lines of defense. Cybersecurity lines of defense must be aware of each other, much like a modern military, in order to achieve a modern Defense in Depth (DiD) approach to web application security. All lines of defense must be fully capable of sharing internal threat intelligence bidirectionally between all other lines. In addition, where one line simply does not have the ability to block something malicious, another line must be engaged that can perform the required action. Next, let's discuss how integration is achieved in cybersecurity today. How Integration Is Achieved Today I know of only two ways organizations can integrate the lines of defense outlined in Chapter 3: either through a single user interface 30 | Chapter 4: How to Achieve the Integrated Approach

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