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3. Fully understand the detection and mitigation capabilities of each line of defense in the context of what they're capable of detecting and mitigating within the overall protocol stack. 4. Determine whether the technologies you've implemented today fully support configuration and monitoring capabilities via APIs. If not, seriously consider replacing them. 5. Begin to develop and train your internal staff on the concepts of automation, scripting, and APIs within the context of making configuration changes "on the fly" to the various security tech‐ nologies deployed. 6. Begin to attract and hire SOC and network operations center (NOC) personnel that fully understand automation, scripting, and configuration changes via security technology management APIs. 7. Set up test-bed and simulation environments to mimic your own circumstances and use these to experiment and learn how best to take advantage of automation, scripting, and APIs. 8. Search for vendors who agree with the approaches found in this book and who can provide recommendations on how to inte‐ grate the various lines of defense in your organization. 9. Invest in SML training, technologies, and approaches and set aside budget for research and development to create your own machine learning tools on-premises. 10. Thoroughly scrutinize vendors that say they already have artifi‐ cial intelligence (AI) in place today, considering that true AI is quite a few years away from being a reality within the context of information security and our current lines of defense. 11. Do not attempt to oversell the promise of AI into your organi‐ zations just yet. Instead, focus on SML, automation, scripting, APIs, and integration because this is where the measurable gains in cyberdefense will be obtained first. Now, let's examine my prediction concerning the use of good bots within your own lines of defense. The concept of good bots is noth‐ ing new in the light of Googlebot, Bingbot, Yahoo Bot, and other "good bots" that provide a valuable service in the way the internet operates today. What the Future Holds | 41

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