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CHAPTER 3 Security in Multicloud Environments Security should not be an afterthought or an add-on to building a multicloud environment. Instead, security should be baked in to the development and deployment workflow. Rather than thinking of security as something that is handled by the security team, security should be at the forefront of everyone's thought process. In Chapter 2, we talked about the importance of including security as part of the development cycle and the advantages of building secure, containerized systems. In this chapter, we take a closer look at securing your entire multicloud infrastructure. It is not enough to have a secure development and deployment process. It's also neces‐ sary to continuously monitor multicloud deployments and fully understand the threats your organization faces. Even the most secure web applications are potentially open to secu‐ rity breaches either from previously unknown threats or vulnerabili‐ ties introduced in the deployment process. That's why it's important to create a security strategy that keeps everyone updated on the ever-changing threat landscape. You also need to continuously mon‐ itor for malicious activity. This can require organizations to take a fresh look at how they view security. It can also require them to deploy new technologies that address the realities and dangers of deploying applications in a mul‐ ticloud environment. 27

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