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CHAPTER 4 Multicloud Security Use Cases In Chapters 2 and 3, we covered multicloud security at the core and the edge, but there are other use cases for multicloud security that we need to explore in more depth. Some of the use cases described in this chapter are not applicable to every multicloud installation. But it is important to be aware of their existence in the event that they become relevant. Each use case described in this chapter was designed to improve availability, reduce the threat of targeted application attacks, or miti‐ gate the threat of DDoS attacks. DNS Resiliency and Trac Steering When we talk about securing the edge of your multicloud architec‐ ture, it's important to begin with DNS. Surprisingly, using DNS to enhance the security of a multicloud environment is often an after‐ thought, or not considered at all. But there are a lot of security enhancements that high-quality DNS infrastructure can provide. Selection of a DNS provider is important because without reliable DNS your application will be effectively unreachable. The right DNS provider can enhance the security of web applications by improving resilience and optimizing traffic management. DNS Resiliency There are a couple of ways that the appropriate DNS architecture can improve the resiliency of your multicloud architecture. The first 39

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