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This is another advantage of running a multicloud architecture. By building a geographically diverse environment that is hosted across multiple networks, you are building in redundancy that makes the web application less susceptible to network-layer DDoS attacks. Even if one site is temporarily taken offline, the other sites can man‐ age the load. As with other types of security measures, it is important to plan your DDoS mitigation strategy and test that plan repeatedly to verify that the sites function as planned during the different types of DDoS attacks. Deep Internet Monitoring: Data Intelligence We've touched on monitoring a few times throughout this book, but it's worth a deeper examination. A multicloud infrastructure is com‐ plex by definition and requires a sophisticated monitoring solution. It is not simply a matter of monitoring the network infrastructure to ensure that it is up and running and monitoring the performance of the application. Organizations also need to understand how the web application performs from locations around the world. Deep internet monitoring is about more than monitoring your architecture and how different sites connect to one another. It is about monitoring the performance of the internet itself. The inter‐ net is resilient, and a full outage is highly unlikely. But small, regional outages occur all the time. In 2018, there were 12,600 rout‐ ing incidents worldwide. These types of disruptions can last for minutes, hours, or days and affect only part of the internet. Organizations might be completely oblivious to these attacks as they occur. But they can affect the people trying to reach a web applica‐ tion no matter how much redundancy is in place. Your clients won't care why there is a disruption; they'll care only about the fact that they cannot reach your site. This is why it is so important to under‐ stand how your web application is performing from as many places as possible. Collecting monitoring and performance data from a large number of sources and tracking performance over time allows organizations to better understand problems and react quickly to outages. These monitoring trendlines can help organizations pick the best cloud providers when they need to stand up additional infrastructure. 48 | Chapter 4: Multicloud Security Use Cases

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