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Oracle Dyn Case Study: Zillow

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Page 2 of 3 @dyn page 3 The company also evaluated bringing everything back in-house, relying on hardware load balancers instead of a cloud-based solution. There were a few things that turned Zillow off to such an investment, especially as their traffic grew worldwide. Ibanes was looking at $100,000 a year in renewal costs for his existing setup, in addition to management costs. Going in- house wasn't scalable and also wasn't their core competency. Their needs were simple: a solid DNS-focused company with traffic management friendly features that would free Ibanes from having to increase his workload. What Made The Dyn Difference? Zillow entered an agreement for Dyn's Managed DNS solution, along with failover and load balancing, advanced features that are now part of Dyn's Traffic Director. That service extended to their main website in addition to other sites they manage like and For any Dyn client, the stakes are high, but especially for Zillow. In addition to their own site, they work with partners such as that rely on Zillow's content to power their sites. Ibanes appreciated the low latency and site responsiveness he immediately got with Dyn, as well as caching of DNS queries -- something immensely important as they cache between 90-98 percent of their data. Even a 2 percent swing can cause big issues, something they found out when using other DNS services in the past. "That unpredictable swing resulted in a load on our servers going from 50 percent to 200 percent at any time. It didn't follow a traffic pattern, and they were unwilling to look into it. That was the quality of service we were dealing with. It was annoying." Case Study | Zillow

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