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Case Study: CNBC

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@dyn page 2 The traffic balancing rules could be very flexible. For example: • Send 70% of US east coast traffic to origin point A, 30% to a CDN • Send 50% of US west coast traffic to origin point B, 25% to C, and the rest to a CDN • Send everything in the European Union to origin point D • Send everything in Asia to a separate CDN Other Managed DNS services from Dyn features we liked included automatic monitoring, failover, alerting and traffic reporting — all via a flexible and easy- to-use web portal. A Nonscientific Explanation of How Anycast Works In principle, to direct a user to the geographically closest origin point, one has to have an idea as to the user's location. A very traditional way of doing that required some form of a database mapping IP addresses to locations. Such databases are widely available and used in all sorts of products, including geotargeted ads. A very different, albeit less granular way to accomplish the same thing is to use Internet routing (BGP protocol) to advertise routes to the same IP addresses from multiple points of presence. For example, let's imagine one has four DNS clusters, each cluster containing 4 nodes with IPs of, .2,.3 and .4. Each cluster is positioned at a major peering point: US east coast and west coasts, one in EU, and one in Asia. From each location, one advertises (via BGP) the same subnet with our DNS servers on it. Mission accomplished! Through the magic of routing, users in Asia will have their DNS requests come to one's DNS servers in Asia, EU to EU and so on. It is easy to see how this implied knowledge of a requestor's geolocation can now be used to direct their traffic in a certain, location-specific way. We use a lower value of DNS TTL setting, so that we can assure any DNS changes take place within a reasonably short amount of time. Case Study | CNBC

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