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Traffic queuing Protects your site from being overrun with traffic by queuing excess demand until space becomes available. Translation services Translate content into the language of the locale of the user. It is not uncommon to find that requests have been routed via mul‐ tiple cloud-based services between the user and your server. Performance Risks There are a number of performance risks associated with moving your website behind cloud-based services. Complete failure or performance degradation Like with third-party SaaS tools, if a cloud system you rely on goes down, so will your system. Likewise, if that cloud system starts to run slowly, so will your system. This could be caused by hardware or infrastructure issues, or issues associated with software releases (SaaS providers will usu‐ ally release often and unannounced). They could also be caused by third-party malicious activities such as hacking or DoS attacks—SaaS systems can be high profile and therefore poten‐ tial targets for such attacks. Increased overhead All additional processing being done will add time to the overall processing time of a request. When adding an additional system in front of your own system, you're not only adding the time taken for that service to execute the functionality that it is providing, but you're also adding to the number of network hops the data has to make to complete its journey. Increased latency All services will add additional hops onto the route taken by the request. Some services offer geolocation so that users will be routed to a locally based service, but others do not. It's not uncommon to hear of systems where requests are routed back and forth across the Atlantic several times between the user and the server as they pass through cloud providers offering different functionality. 10 | Chapter 1: Losing Control

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