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Choose the best CDN Not all CDNs are created equal, and this is where knowledge of your audience and some of the topology of the Internet comes in useful. Most CDN providers publish maps of the locations of their POPs; the amount and distribution of them will vary from CDN to CDN. Looking at a selection, you will soon see that there are areas that are well supported and others that are not. A good understanding of the location of your audience combined with a knowledge of Internet topology will allow you to identify a CDN provider that will sit beyond any bottlenecks that could affect your users. Using multiple CDNs As discussed previously, it's possible to use geolocation of DNS to manage multiple cloud providers. This approach can also be used to take advantage of multiple CDNs. For example, some CDNs specialize in specific areas (e.g., China), so if you have users in that area, it might be worth using that CDN. Understand the Nature of Cloud Services Although there are risks inherent in taking advantage of cloud pro‐ viders' multitude of different services, they are generally built for high performance and high resiliency and are generally less risky than trying to create your own, especially when running that soft‐ ware on cloud-based infrastructure. However, it's essential to confirm that this is the case for you and that the cloud services are being used correctly. Try Before You Buy Before using any service, you need to put it through its paces and ensure that it is behaving as expected and performing as advertised. The nature of the cloud makes these kinds of proof-of-concept tests much more viable than non-cloud offerings. They can be under‐ taken with minimal upfront costs and long-term commitment and can be thrown away if they fail. 22 | Chapter 3: Minimizing Performance Risks

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