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While performing this testing, it's good to get as many monitoring systems as possible going to ensure that you're not just focusing on functional correctness; other metrics such as availability, reachabil‐ ity, and performance should be considered. For example, the IPM data should be used to determine the network impact of using this service from different locations. All tests should include a reasonable amount of load to understand the end-to-end performance of the system under normal and high traffic. Optimize Your Systems for the Cloud It's easy to use cloud services in a sub-optimal way, because they're relatively new systems, have a high velocity of change, and because developers are usually self-taught. Furthermore, developers often apply on-premise thinking and practices to the cloud, not realizing that cloud systems are built with a slightly different paradigm in mind. For example, the cloud-based database as a service offerings are bet‐ ter suited for a few larger queries than many small queries, meaning that any systems that are very "chatty" with the database will likely perform considerably worse in the cloud than on premise with a direct database connection. Monitoring data should be used to confirm that the performance of these services is as expected and required. Understand the Configuration Options Cloud services are usually aimed at delivering complex pieces of functionality in a simple way through a GUI or API. Therefore, you can usually get up and running with them fairly quickly. However, the out-of-the-box configuration options may not be the most resilient or performant. You should be proactive in understanding which options are avail‐ able as well as being reactive to issues identified by monitoring and testing. Understand the Nature of Cloud Services | 23

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