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CHAPTER 4 Takeaways There are six important lessons to take from this book: 1. Don't fear loss of control—embrace the cloud. Introducing cloud systems will lead to further loss of control over your website, but the advantages of using these systems outweigh the disadvantages. For most people, the services offered by cloud providers will be faster and easier to implement and manage, as well as more resilient, technologically advanced, and cost effective to run than anything they could implement themselves. 2. Ensure you have sufficient monitoring in place. You can't control what's going on, so make sure you're gathering data and can determine what users are seeing (across the full range of your audience) and do some root-cause analysis on any issues raised. This should include the following types of monitors: • RUM/EUM • IPM • APM 3. Stay in control—maintain an independent DNS provider. Keeping your DNS independent and flexible allows you to implement a "right tool for the right job" strategy, combining multiple cloud providers/CDNs for different sections of your audience based on the data returned from your monitoring. 27

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