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Chapter 5: Internet Performance in the Eyes of Your Business 39 These materials are © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. When you go to the cloud, the cloud provider becomes the Internet presence to your customers. How your customers reach your selected cloud instance is, in large part, the source of the five fears exposed earlier in this chapter. Internet Performance tools can help you monitor all of the paths that your customers take to get to your cloud assets. With Internet Performance tools, you can see outages, redirects, perfor- mance problems, and security risks. If there is a man‐in‐the‐ middle hijack on a route from one of your key markets, you can see it and immediately mitigate the attack. Even though you don't own these routes (they are the routes going to your cloud provider), you can nevertheless see the problem and reroute your customers to a secondary destination. When you integrate Internet intelligence with DNS control, you gain a powerful combination that enables you to optimize your infrastructure. Not only can it help you see problems earlier and more distinctly, but you also gain the indepen- dence to measure your partners more completely and choose multiple cloud service destinations based on performance, availability, and reachability. This capability, in turn, helps drive revenue, optimize your infrastructure spend, and pro- tect and enhance your brand image. For example, a cloud instance from one provider might be your best choice for Southeast Asia, while another one is your best choice for Latin America. Monitoring performance across all of your service providers enables you to make the best routing choice and gives you the control to send customers to a cloud provider based on geography, performance, SLA, and more, thereby optimizing your infrastructure and maximizing your customer experience. Figure 5-1: Internet Performance tools enable organizations to monitor, control, and optimize their infrastructure.

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