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These materials are © 2015 John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Any dissemination, distribution, or unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Ten Key Internet Performance Takeaways In This Chapter ▶ ▶ Recognizing what you need to do to improve Internet Performance I n this chapter, I present ten Internet Performance take- aways for your reading pleasure! Implement Managed DNS IT staff are refocusing their efforts on what their core compe- tencies are and recognizing that running DNS is more compli- cated and more error prone, while the dependence on good name resolution is much greater. Because so many services depend on accurate name‐to‐computer mapping, many admin- istrators are hesitant to alter any part of their DNS infrastruc- ture, making the system inflexible to new applications and new services. Enterprises need to understand the soft costs of running DNS and the staff time to maintain DNS. Requests to change DNS entries can take days or weeks to process. Costly outages affect all web and email services. IT staff time is better spent on rolling out key projects. So what does managed DNS offer the enterprise? ✓ Websites, email, and other online services achieve better uptime ✓ Visitors get to websites faster Chapter 6

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